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Behind Navjot Singh Sidhu exit: Capt out, he wanted more say in govt.

Claiming that it has got a “positive response” from the ground after choosing Charanjit Singh Channi as Chief Minister, the Congress high command was keen not to let Navjot Singh Sidhu remote-control the government in Punjab. This was cited by sources as one of the reasons behind Sidhu’s surprising resignation as state unit chief of the Congress.

The high command is said to have stood by Channi even as Sidhu tried to have his way in appointments to senior administrative posts, selection of ministers and allocation of portfolios.

Congress leaders familiar with the developments in Punjab pointed out that though Sidhu had his say in some of the crucial decisions post Captain Amarinder Singh’s resignation from the top post, he was “angry and upset” that his suggestions were ignored in the appointment of some top officials.


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