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Arjun Kapoor announces ‘nerve-racking love story’ The Ladykiller: ‘My most ambitious film’.

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor announced his next film on Monday. Sharing the first look of the movie titled The Ladykiller, Arjun wrote, “Isme Thrill hai. Romance Hai. Emotion Hai. Suspense Hai! Presenting to you, #TheLadykiller. A thrilling, nerve-racking love story & my most ambitious film yet.”

The poster features Arjun Kapoor screaming. And the tagline of the film reads, “Mistrust makes a snake bite its own tail.” The movie, directed by Ajay Bahl, is being produced by Bhushan Kumar, Shaailesh R Singh and Krishan Kumar. The story of The Ladykiller revolves around a small town playboy who falls in love with a self-destructive beauty, and they embark on whirlwind romance. According to the makers, The Ladykiller is the story of their crazy ride laced with thrilling twists, nerve-racking suspense and a more than a healthy dose of mistrust, making it a delicious blend of unpredictability and entertainment.


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