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AR Rahman on 99 Songs: I am looking at music from perspective of a filmmaker.

Mozart of Madras and Oscar winner AR Rahman has turned into a story writer and producer with the movie, 99 Songs. Directed by debutant Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, the film marks the feature debut of Ehan Bhat as a hero. The musical drama also stars Edilsy, Tenzin Dalha, Lisa Ray, Manisha Koirala, Rahul Ram, and Ranjit Barot.

What inspired you to write the story of 99 Songs?

AR Rahman: When I went for Bombay Dreams to London, its musical producer asked me, ‘Rahman, do you have any story?’ Then I said, ‘I am just a composer, why should I write a story.’ Then I started thinking, stories, music and life all are connected. We see stories in music, people and experiences. After the Oscars, I became a member of the academy, and I attended many workshops related to cinema. My introduction to filmmakers like JJ Abrams and others, my journey with them, the whole process changed my thought process about cinema. Now I am looking at music from the perspectives of filmmakers and storytellers. Artistically, I am now going much deeper into things.

How has been your journey as a music composer to a story writer to a producer now?

AR Rahman: Being a producer is very much a gamble (laughs). Even after being careful, filmmaking experiences will scare you. In our case, we tried our best, and finally, we got a cut that we are feeling happy about. I hope people also like it. All three versions of the film have been refined over the past one-and-a-half years to just make them perfect.


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