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Apple’s iOS 15.2 update to introduce Nudity detection for children’s messages.

As per the report, the nudity detection feature in the Messages app for devices used by children. Once enabled, the feature will analyse incoming and outgoing images, via the Messages app to detect nudity, in devices owned by children.

In case a nude image is detected, the image will appear blurred, and the child will be warned about the same before viewing it. Additionally, if children try to send nude pictures, they will also be warned.

Children will also be able to contact their parents via the Messages app in case, such a situation occurs, but parents won’t automatically receive a notification. What it means is that for the feature to work, parents will need to enable it on a family-sharing account.

As per the report, the camera app is also getting a new button that will allow users to disable the iPhone from triggering the macro lens automatically, which is much needed.

Additionally, the update will introduce a new privacy report feature that will allow users to view which features such as location, camera, and more were accessed by each of their apps. This was announced when iOS 15 was first showcased at WWDC 2021 this year.

The update will also bring a new “hide my email” feature that will allow you to send emails without revealing your ID by sending the same from a random address if you have an iCloud subscription.



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