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Apple iPhone 14 Pro models to get punch-hole OLED displays.

Apple may be planning to redesign its next generation of iPhones or the iPhone 14. Apple introduced its notch display with the launch of the iPhone X in 2017, and this trend has continued until now with the recently launched iPhone 13. But as per a new report by The Elec which is said to be based on the display suppliers, Apple is expected to equip its next year’s iPhone 14 series with OLED displays and a punch-hole cutout, instead of a notch.

Samsung Display is said to have already started work on the new in-hole punching for the upcoming iPhone models. It is said to have received machines from Philoptics and Wonik IPS for laser-cutting holes in the OLED panels. The iPhone 14 Pro devices are speculated to use Samsung’s HIAA (Hole-in-Active-Area) method. The process is considered to make use of the most advanced OLED hole-punching technology, according to the report. As per the report, Apple has decided to eliminate the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models as the company is confident about Samsung’s proficiency in hole punching for displays. This should come as no surprise as Samsung has already been doing the same for years with the introduction of its own Galaxy S10 lineup.


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