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Apple hit with class-action lawsuit for ‘jelly scroll’ defect on iPad Mini 6.

A California resident has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, accusing them of knowingly selling defective products. According to the court documents, the company is being questioned about a so-called “jelly scroll” defect that is present on the 6th generation iPad mini.

The iPad Mini 6 debuted on September 14, 2021, following which, many users notice the defect when vertically scrolling through text-based content such as webpages or documents. The effect made it look as if one half of the display is responding faster than the other – or more specifically, the left side of the screen lagged behind, causing a tilting effect. Plaintiff Christopher Bryan claims that the LCD display is prone to “screen tearing which can make images or text on one side of the screen appear to be tilted at a downward angle because of incongruity in refresh rates.” It is worth noting that Apple has acknowledged this defect, though they have continued to sell the product in said state, claiming it is normal.


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