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Aly Goni on Kavita Kaushik’s husband saying men like him give others a bad name.

Aly Goni’s exit from Bigg Boss 14 was one of the most shocking. After he and Jasmin Bhasin lost the eviction task, he sacrificed his own journey on the reality show, so that his best friend could continue.

Q. Fans are very upset with your eviction and have been trending #WeWantAlyBack and #BringSherAlyBack. How do you feel about it?

A. I feel really bad for my fans but somewhere, I hope they understand that I did this for Jasmin. She is the closest to me. I am really happy to see the reaction of people which is so amazing. They showered so much love, positivity and support. It was unreal. I loved it.

Q. There is speculation that you might return to Bigg Boss 14 next week. Is there any truth to this?

A. As of now, there is nothing like that. I am just chilling. I just got to know that some new challengers are entering the show. I think that is going to be the game. I am watching from the outside, as of now, and supporting Jasmin.

Q. After your fight with Kavita, her husband said that there is ‘something wrong’ with your mind. He said that men like you who get aggressive with women give other men a bad name. What is your comment on this?

A. I will just tell him one thing. He should go and talk to all my ex-girlfriends, they will give a better answer to him (laughs). I have been in good relationships with all of them. 90% of my friends are girls. I think if he wants me to get a check-up, he should also get himself and Kavita ji tested. The reports will tell who is the one with issues.


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