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Alia Bhatt shares wise words on rising again after ‘falling, breaking, failing’.

Actor Alia Bhatt has been sharing words of wisdom and strength on social media lately. While she doesn’t give context to her posts, one can assume that she may be talking about all the trolling she suffered in the last few months.

Alia took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a post about rising again after falling, breaking and failing. “We fall. We break. We fail. But then, we rise, we heal, we overcome,” the message read. Alia had received hateful comments and threats on social media soon after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. His fans were targeting ‘star kids’ for getting all attention in Bollywood and not letting outsiders such as Sushant get their due. Alia’s sister Shaheen had also shared screenshots of the comments they had been receiving.


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