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Aditya Roy Kapur: I don’t take all the criticism in, for me ignorance is bliss

Criticism is something that Aditya Roy Kapur is not exactly unfamiliar with but there was incessant trolling that happened around and post the release of his film, Sadak 2. But the actor does not like to dwell on it.

“Personally, I don’t take all the criticism in and that is my method. I kind of don’t really read very much at all. I am very technologically challenged so I don’t have social media other than Instagram. I am not on any of that other stuff which is incessantly giving you that information. I honestly didn’t read any of it and hear any of it. I did hear about some of it but quite honestly it was a lot like as if it didn’t happen for me,” he says.

Talking about the criticism that a film receives post its releases, the actor says there is not one can do much about it.

“Some situations are just out of control. Even a film is out of your control once you have done it. There is nothing that I am going to achieve by hemming and hawing about it when there is nothing I can do. The case of the last film ignorance was bliss for me,” he adds.


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