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WWE SmackDown Results: Braun Strowman returns ahead of Royal Rumble.

Two nights before Royal Rumble, a one-on-one showdown between Daniel Bryan and Raw’s AJ Styles transformed into a chaotic 10-Man Tag Team Match and featured the wrath of the returning Monster Among Men.

From all-encompassing brawls of pure brutality through the WWE ThunderDome to Tables, Ladders and Chairs and Steel Cage Matches, the volatile rivalry between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens has only grown more intense with each passing week.

With their Last Man Standing Match for the Universal Title set for Sunday’s Royal Rumble, The Head of the Table and his resilient challenger sat down with Michael Cole. When Reigns made things personal by continuously bringing Owens’ family into the discussion, Owens eventually snapped and told off the Universal Champion until Reigns and Heyman turned off their monitor.


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