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This ‘power-packed doodh tadka’ will keep constipation, bloating away.

If you love turmeric milk, you should definitely try ‘doodh tadka’. Power-packed with spices that help prevent seasonal infections, this recipe by dietitian Lavleen Kaur is as delicious as it is healthy.

“I am not a fan of tea or coffee but what I like and drink for my wellbeing is this power packed and delicious ‘doodh tadka’,” she said.

What are the benefits?

As per Kaur, the concoction

*Is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal/anti-bacterial *Feeds the good immune cells *Aids better sleep *Is good for constipation, bloating *May help relieve migraine

How to make it?


1 tsp – Ghee ½ tsp – Turmeric ½ tsp – Black peppercorns (crushed to powder) Nutmeg and cinnamon powder


*Heat ghee in a pan *Add all spices and mix well for a minute *Pour hot milk and stir well *Serve warm

Points to remember

*Avoid non-stick pans. Preferably use steel. *Use pure/organic cows milk, if available

When should you consume it?

*Evenings or before bed is a good time (in case consuming before bed, have two hours after dinner and an hour before sleeping)

How does food synergy get activated?

“Turmeric enzymes activate in the presence of ghee, and the curcumin in turmeric absorbs well in presence of black pepper which has piperine. This is why this combination matters, and this is known as food synergy,” mentioned Kaur.


*If you are lactose intolerant *If you are a BP (blood pressure) patient *If you are on blood thinner medicines


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