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Rizzle Announces India’s Biggest Web SeriesMarathon for Creators.

National, 13 th February 2021: Rizzle, India’s leading homegrown short videos app has kicked-off

the RSeries Marathon for content creators. With prizes worth Rs. 3 lakhs up for grabs, the

contest aims to spur the creativity of film-making enthusiasts. The contest will conclude on 21st

February 2021.

To participate in the #RSeriesMarathon contest, creators need to script, film, and upload 10

original mini-series of 3 minutes each on to the app. Along with cash prizes worth Rs 3 lakhs,

the top 3 series of the marathon will be featured on the app and its creators will win a chance

to star in Rizzle Originals.

Creators looking to participate in the RSeries Marathon can enroll here.

Speaking about the contest, Ms. Vidya Narayanan, the co-founder of Rizzle shares, "The RSeries

Marathon is democratising the film-making space for content creators. Short, vertical series are

bringing about a revolution in the short video content spectrum. Rizzle is a creator-first

platform that empowers them to become persuasive storytellers.”

Rizzle Series – the app’s flagship venture is giving a platform to aspiring filmmakers, producers,

directors, and anyone who wants to create short web-series in the vertical video space.

Additionally, Rizzle also provides free dance and acting classes for all users, making the user-

generated series a reality. With several other innovative features such as greenscreen, collabs,

picture-in-picture, filters, licensed music, and more, Rizzle is truly every content creator's



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