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Radhika Madan on leaving TV for films: ‘I was condemned for taking that leap’.

Radhika Madan is thrilled to play Didi, a ‘self-styled godmother with powers’ in Netflix’s recent anthology on Satyajit Ray’s stories, titled Ray. “Everybody has started to call me Didi. I’m enjoying it,” Radhika said. The actor is a part of director Vasan Bala’s segment Spotlight, also starring Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor and Chandan Roy Sanyal.

“What attracted me the most about her was her stature. To have that kind of power that I own the world, was a challenging thing. As an upcoming actor, I haven’t experience any of such emotions yet. So, to be that woman for those 2-3 days of shoot was really empowering,” Radhika told.


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