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R Madhavan: Not the guy known for fashion sense.

After 2020, 2021 again seems to be a busy year for R Madhavan. Two of his films, one each in Telugu and Tamil released directly on OTT platforms in 2020, and Maara was his latest OTT release this year.

Recently, he was in the Capital, shooting for his next web project. The actor tells us, “I was shooting an original series for two months. I was very apprehensive, 250 families are connected with this project, their livelihood is connected, I feel personally responsible. I didn’t step out of my room even once, and we finished 95 percent of the shoot. Fingers crossed on the rest of the shoot. I think as artists everybody in this particular series took so much responsibility, we never took anything for granted.”

Clearly, the web features big on his action plan. In fact, the show Breathe which he headlined was the first original web show from India, way back in 2018.


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