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Poloniex Referral Code: VTTJQPXY (Get Free Sign Up Bonus Reward).

The Poloniex referral code is VTTJQPXY. Traders that are signing up to the crypto exchange platform can use this referral code to get a free sign up bonus reward.

About Poloniex

Poloniex is quite a simple exchange, with an interface that is both easy to use and easy to master. As such, it might be one of the best platforms for people that are new to trading and don’t understand all its intricacies yet.

It is possible to both buy and sell crypto for fiat currency on the exchange. When purchasing, users can make use of Visa, Mastercard, or Apple Pay. It is also possible to purchase coins through a bank transfer, although only Simplex accounts are accepted. When selling, users must have a Simplex account.

Poloniex offers both standard and margin spot trading. Futures are also offered, using USDT as collateral. The amount of coins that you can enter into futures contracts is a bit higher than the industry average, although you can only enter into perpetual contracts and must use USDT as collateral.

While the platform does not allow you to earn interest by investing money directly with the platform (like a bank), it does have a lending platform. The platform connects lenders with people looking to get a loan, although it is quite barebones at the current time.

Apart from this, Poloniex offers a few DeFi-related services, including a place where users can take a look at and invest in new projects. However, other platforms have a much broader suite of services in this category.

Users looking to use Poloniex as their main exchange should do so because of its simplicity and the features that it offers for traders.


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