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Omicron in India: How to deal with anxiety over the new Covid-19 variant.

When the second wave of Covid-19, instigated by the Delta variant, began to subside, we started believing that, perhaps, this is the end of the prolonged period of uncertainty and anxiety caused due to the pandemic. Schools, colleges and offices gradually resumed offline and normalcy began settling in.

However, with the emergence of the new Covid-19 variant — Omicron — which is touted as more dangerous and transmissible, there’s looming anxiety and fear about the future once again. Yesterday, India reported its first two Omicron cases in Karnataka, heightening the already existing panic and distress. “With huge losses in economy, disruption in education patterns, neglect of medical emergencies just when people were trying to resume back to normalcy, the onset of Omicron variant may induce anxiety and fear among people. Uncertainty about present and future may impact one’s coping mechanisms,” said Dr Neha Dutt, counselling psychologist, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciailty Hospital, New Delhi.


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