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Number of ministers up, not vaccines: Rahul Gandhi after Cabinet expansion.

Taking a dig at the recent expansion of the Union Council of Ministers under the Narendra Modi-led government, Congress chief Rahul Gandhi tweeted Sunday, “The number of ministers have increased, not vaccines.”

Gandhi shared a chart illustrating the current status of vaccination in the country, according to which 60 per cent of the population must be fully vaccinated by December in order to stop the third wave of infections in India. For this, nearly 8.8 million doses must be administered daily, the chart states.

The chart further notes that a shortfall in the number of doses given each day would mean a rise in the required rate of vaccination. On Saturday, July 10, 3.7 million doses were administered in India, which means there was a shortfall of 5.1 million jabs. A similar pattern has been observed in the last seven days, according to the chart.

Gandhi’s dig comes after PM Modi introduced 36 new faces in the Union Cabinet, taking the tally to 78, just a notch short of the statutory limit of 81.


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