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Nani’s Tuck Jagadish postpones release amid second Covid-19 wave.

Nani-starrer Tuck Jagadish has become the second Telugu film, after Love Story to postpone its release date due to the surge in Covid-19 cases. Earlier, the film was scheduled to be in the theatres on April 23. The new release date for the film will be announced soon.

The Jersey star took to Twitter to announce the postponement of Tuck Jagadish. “The rerecording work (of Tuck Jagadish) is in the final stage, and the output has come out quite well. We all are very excited to show it to you. It is a film that should be enjoyed with all family members. But, the ongoing circumstances are not in favour of us (to release the movie). This year, starting from Krack to the recent outing Vakeel Saab, you have made all the films super hits and blockbusters. You have supported the cinema like no other in India. Movies and Telugu audiences are inseparable. But, let’s take a small break from releasing a new movie. The theatrical trailer of Tuck Jagadish will not be out on Ugadi. The new release date will be announced along with the trailer whenever it comes out. Yes, the release date of Tuck Jagadish is postponed from April 23. Wish you a happy and safe Ugadi,” Nani said in a video.


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