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Kitchen hack: Peel ginger this way to reap maximum health benefits.

If you love the distinct flavour of ginger, and often add it to your meals and cup of tea, you are going to love what we have in store for you today.

Known to have many health benefits, ginger can be consumed in myriad ways — both raw and cooked, and also peeled or unpeeled. But is there a correct way to peel ginger so that all its nutrients remain intact? Former chef Catherine McBride recently took to Twitter and shared a video where she demonstrated how she prefers to peel ginger.

Instead of using a peeler or knife, the chef suggested to use the back of spoon. “I use a spoon to peel ginger! What tool do you use?” she asked.

Twitterati jumped on the discussion thread, and while some suggested they don’t peel ginger at all, others mentioned they use the “back of a knife”. Another user wrote, “A Dutch knife. I use for cheese gouda but also I use it for my cucumber too. It’s a very smart tool!”

In another social media post, a Harvard University scholar suggested that one should have ginger with its skin on as it has several benefits.

“Ginger is a beautiful gift from nature and most of us peel it wrong. Also, we shouldn’t be peeling it anyway! Ginger peel is edible. It contains 2X the beneficial polyphenols as the flesh and importantly, unique and distinct compounds,” said Kanchan Koya, PhD in Biomedicine from Harvard University, Health Coaching Certification holder from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in a post on Instagram.


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