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Kangana Ranaut says ‘I need no validation’ after she wins a best actress poll.

Kangana Ranaut is not interested in any accolades, as she feels that accepting such validation would give the Bollywood mafia ‘power’ over her. She was responding to a poll which declared her as the best actress of 2020 for her performance in Panga.

According to Kangana, the late Sushant Singh Rajput made the ‘mistake’ of seeking appreciation, which made the ‘mafia’ put a ‘price tag’ on him. She said that she is quite aware of her worth and will not let someone else define it.

“I need no validation of polls or juries anymore, when we give them power over us then only mafia gives them price tag, Sushant made this mistake he let them decide who he was, remember if you don’t know who you are the world will tell you, I know who I am so thanks but no thanks,” she wrote on Twitter.


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