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Google Year in Search 2020: Coronavirus, election results and more top global trends.

Google’s Year in Search is here, and it highlights the top trends among different categories globally. This year was spent mostly indoors due to the pandemic which also meant spending a lot of time online.

The top searched term this year was unsurprisingly coronavirus. This was also the top trending news this year. After coronavirus, people searched most for election results, Kobe Bryant who passed away earlier this year, Zoom, and IPL. In the news, election results were the second most popular topic followed by Iran, Beirut and Hantavirus.

Among actors, Tom Hanks ranked first followed by Jaoquin Phoenix, Amitabh Bachchan, Ricky Gervais and Jada Pinkett Smith. Google’s Year in Search lists Ryan Newman, Michael Jordan, Tyson Fury, Tom Brady and Mike Tyson as the top trending athletes in 2020.


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