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Good health is the best way to feel successful: Amaal Mallik

It took some time, but composer Amaal Mallik has finally nailed down a fitness and diet regime for himself. Good health, he believes, “is probably the best way to feel successful, breezy and go through life and its beats.” The 30-year-old musician has always tried to stay fit because he values “the health factor”.

“I think the kind of respect we show our bodies makes us function at our optimum or otherwise. Besides, I belong to a visual medium in a way. My audience is hard invested in my work. Being in shape is just the hard work you put in to be presentable,” Mallik says.

But, he admits following a routine isn’t the easiest thing for him to do, and he struggled initially. “It’s hard to do it daily... The initial period of change (of adapting to the new routine) does get strenuous since your body takes a while to get used to it,” he says. But, it just had to be done, he says, “no matter what”.


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