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Deepika Padukone shares new entry from her ‘audio diary’, reveals her favourite show as a child.

Actor Deepika Padukone, who recently purged her social media accounts, kicked off 2021 with an ‘audio diary’ -- an aural record of her thoughts and reflections. She has just shared the second entry, in which she talked about her favourite television show as a child.

Deepika said that her favourite show was Small Wonder. The hit series revolved around an engineer named Ted Lawson, who secretly creates a robot made to look like a little girl. He names the robot VICI (Voice Input Child Identicant, aka Vicki) and passes it off as the adopted daughter of the family.

“I remember coming back from school and looking forward to watching Small Wonder. It was a show that lasted for about 30-40 minutes if I am not mistaken. My most favourite character from the show was Vicki. I thought she was spunky, emotional, intelligent. I think the one thing that I was the most fascinated by was the fact that a robot could cry. But at the same time, I found her extremely lovable and endearing,” Deepika said, adding that she will start re-watching the show.

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