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Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli, Rahul Vaidya, Jasmin Bhasin face the heat.

Bigg Boss 14 is just a few days away from its first finale and the remaining six contestants are doing everything possible to make a place among the finalists. A new promo shows Bigg Boss introducing a twist which would allow the contestants to decide the name of a contestant who doesn’t deserve to be in the finale.

The promo opens with Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya doing the dishes when a joke doesn’t go down well with the former. They land into a verbal war with both of them calling each other names.

It then moves to show a task in progress during which the contestants are given the opportunity to chose an undeserving candidate who may not be allowed to head to the finale. Nikki Tamboli, dressed in a glittering black gown, is put under scanner for ditching evicted Bigg Boss contestant Jaan Kumar Sanu, whom she used to call a friend in the house. After facing various allegations regarding the same, Nikki says, “The one who was supposed to understand this, has understood.” Jasmin Bhasin and others call her fake, to which she reacts, “Who cares!”


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