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Alia Bhatt questioning kanyadaan in latest bridal ad leaves Twitter divided.

Actor Alia Bhatt’s latest ad has left Twitter divided. In the advertisement for bridal wear, Alia questions the archaic tradition of kanyadaan (where a father gives his daughter away at the wedding). While sitting at the mandap with her husband-to-be, Alia mentions each member of her family — grandmother, father and mother — and how much they love her. However, she objects against the practice of kanyadaan at weddings. She asks why she was always treated as the ‘other’ and a temporary part of their family, despite loving her so much. “Am I a thing to be donated? Why only kanyadaan,” she asks in her internal monologue. She is pleasantly surprised when her mother-in-law and father-in-law give their son away as well. Everyone smiles, and the couple gets married.

While many fans hailed the ad and called it a ‘modern concept’, others attacked it for being ‘woke feminism’. “Love the concept. Actually this is more beautiful ad and jitni bhi lines Alia ne boli hai is true and har ladki ko ye baat mehsoos hoti hai kabhi na kabhi kahi na kahi (Whatever lines Alia has said are true. Every girl has felt this once in her life). Every girl out there will feel good after listening and watching this ad and we will try that this happens in reality too,” wrote a fan. “Love this!! #KanyaMaan (respecting the girl) is the future of weddings,” wrote another.

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