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Akshay Kumar said he was too ‘shy’ to kiss the first girl he dated, got rejected.

Akshay Kumar may have just celebrated two decades of marital bliss with Twinkle Khanna but there was a time when he was not so lucky in love. In fact, he got rejected by the first girl he dated. In an earlier appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show with the Housefull 4 team, he shared the funny story behind his rejection.

Reminiscing about the incident, Akshay said that he went on three or four dates with the girl in question, which included watching a film together and going to an Udipi restaurant for a meal. However, she dumped him after that.

“Problem thi ki main bohot shy tha. Maine kabhi kandhe par haath nahi rakha, haath pakda nahi. Woh chahti thi ki main haath pakdu ya I should kiss her or something. Maine kiya nahi toh woh chhod ke chali gayi (The problem was that I was too shy. I never kept my arm around her shoulder or held her hand. She wanted me to hold her hand or kiss her. I never did so she left me),” Akshay said.

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