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Aashiqui star Rahul Roy suffers brain stroke while shooting in Kargil, moved to ICU in Mumbai.

Aashiqui star Rahul Roy has reportedly suffered a brain stoke while shooting for a film in Kargil. The actor has been admitted to the Nanavati hospital in Mumbai.

Rahul was shooting for his film LAC - Live the Battle. He suffered the brain stroke due to extreme weather condition in Kargil.

Rahul was best known as the lead star of Mahesh Bhatt’s superhit 1990 musical, Aashiqui. He also won the first season of Bigg Boss in 2006.

Earlier this year in an interview with Pinkvilla, Rahul had opened up about being away from the spotlight. “I walked away and that was my choice. Industry ka kuch lena dena nahi tha (The industry had nothing to do with it). Whether it is a privilege or whether it is a curse, I came into the industry not because I was seeking to be a star or an actor,” he said.

Rahul also admitted that he did not get excited by the films that were offered to him. “My growth as an actor had stagnated. You’re doing the same role again and again, and in that time, everybody’s perception is ki isko yehi karte raho (make him do the same thing). It was a combination of a lot of things,” he said.


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