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5 big takeaways from RRR trailer: From Ram’s internal struggle to Bheem’s sheer strength.

The trailer of RRR was a huge hit. Director SS Rajamouli promises another memorable big-screen experience, with a star-studded cast, intriguing plot, and edge-of-the-seat action sequences.

Here are big five takeaways from the trailer of RRR:

1) Nobody messes with the Gond tribe under Bheem’s watch

Jr NTR plays the role inspired by Telugu tribal leader and freedom fighter Komaram Bheem. He is introduced as the protector of the Gond tribe. And the British are warned that they made a mistake by taking a young girl belonging to that tribe. Cut to the next scene, we see Bheem is being chased by a massive tiger. Bheem’s Tarzan-like physique and athleticism sees him outrun the tiger. And soon we find out that it was Bheem’s plan to trap the tiger, which is probably a threat to the tribal communities in the forest. Now that Bheem has outrun and outsmarted the tiger, what will he do with it? Will he kill it and bath in its blood? It is likely that Bheem shows no mercy to anyone, be it a tiger or the gun-wielding British, who messes with his people.

2) Ram is fighting on the wrong side

Divide and rule have always been the go-to mantra for all tyrants. Similarly, the colonial British turned Indians against each other and controlled them for decades. Ram Charan’s Alluri Sitarama Raju is clearly a victim of that deceit. He is a police officer under the British Raj and he’s called in to control the crowd protesting the British rule. And he is by duty obligated to beat his own people and make them disperse.

3) Sworn enemies or best of friends?

Judging by the trailer, when Bheem and Ram were young and optimistic, they didn’t seem to pay much attention to the cruelties of the British Raj. But, when they come of age and reality catches up with them, their lives take different paths. While Bheem goes on to become the protector and the leader of Gond tribe, Ram becomes a stooge of the British Raj. Ram is duty-bound to protect the interests of the British, which requires him to arrest Bheem. And Bheem is bound by his principles to fight Ram and even hurt him if he comes between him and the British.

4) Ram is caught at the crossroads

Ram knows that he’s fighting on the wrong side. He is aware that people are well within their rights to rebel against the colonisers and seek independence. But, his profession prevents him from sympathising with his own people. He is duty-bound to control them without any compassion and not encourage them in any manner. In the trailer, we can see Ram is fighting an internal battle within himself when he thrashes his own people for the British. And after a point, when it becomes unbearable for his conscience, mutiny for Ram is all but inevitable.

5) Ram and Bheem becomes a nightmare for the British

When Ram joins forces with Bheem, it is nothing but bad news for the British. The duo wreaks havoc with their superhuman fighting skills. While Ram’s fighting style is technical, as he’s good with boxing, bow and arrow and rifles, Bheem represents a brute force that wipes out everything that stands in its way.

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