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When Sunil Dutt and Kabir Bedi became ‘background music’ when working with Salman Khan in Kurbaan.

Actor Kabir Bedi recently opened up about how Salman Khan‘s stardom in the early 1990’s affected senior actors from the time. Bedi, who launched his autobiography earlier this year, spoke about his memories of working with veteran actor Sunil Dutt and Salman Khan in the 1991 film Kurbaan.

Citing the memory published in his autobiography, ‘Stories I Must Tell’, Bedi shared, “I’d seen Dutt saab in Mother India and I was like, ‘Oh my God, what an actor’. When I came to Bombay, I went to meet him and told him ‘Dutt saab, today my childhood dream has been fulfilled having met you’. And then a producer came to me and said, they’ve got a film called Kurbaan, where Dutt saab and I had to play two giants in a village and they were going to have a clash. And it would be a fantastic clash of titans,” Bedi was speaking at the Times LitFest in Mumbai.

Bedi also revealed that the producer wanted to cast a new actor to sing a few songs. The producer asked for recommendations from Bedi. He recalled, “I’d heard Salim Khan’s son Salman Khan had started acting and he was garnering quite the reputation. So that’s how they signed Salman and he had just started his career.”


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