Vikrant Massey: My profession does not dictate my personality or social media posts

He is one of the very few actors who are quite vocal on social media about the various issues that exist in the country. And not just that, Vikrant Massey is also very articulate and socially aware.

So what what makes him so courageous about sharing his views openly on social media, especially when actors are so image conscious? “I don’t think my profession has a role to play in that. This is who I am , my profession does not dictate my personality or social media posts,” says Massey.

The actor further adds that he does not take the position he is in today for granted and feels the necessity to speak up as and when required.

“I have always been that way I am today when I sit in a comfortable place of privilege coming from a regular middle class family living in Versova , somewhere down the boxes, living the dream. I think it is my social responsibility to do whatever I can within my limited capacity towards people who have given me everything I have,” shares Massey.

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