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Varun Dhawan refutes rumours of being first choice for Scam 1992

Varun Dhawan has denied being the first choice for Scam 1992. The actor corrected a Twitter user who said he was originally going to play Harshad Mehta on the Zee5 show.

The original tweet read: ‘Did you know? #VarunDhawan was the first choice to play the iconic role of #HarshadMehta in Scam 1992. Later director Hansal Mehta suggested #PratikGandhi and the rest is history.’ Responding to it, Varun wrote that only Pratik Gandhi could have done justice to the role. “Really not true I think the only choice for this show can be #pratikgandhi absolutely brilliant he is. big fan #scam 1992.”

Earlier, even Hansal Mehta had shot down a rumour about the show. He fact-checked a report that claimed Scam 1992 is the top-rated television programme on IMDb. Responding the report, he wrote in a tweet, “Not exactly true. We are around number 21. This news is statistically inaccurate.” With a 9.0 rating, Scam 1992 is indeed at the number 21 spot on IMDb’s list of the top 250 shows.


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