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This winter, manage your skin woes with these Ayurvedic remedies.

Winters are here and so are our skin woes. From dry skin and scalp to chapped lips — this season rips the skin off its moisture, leaving it rough and flaky. Therefore, this season calls for some extra pampering of your skin and hair.

But, instead of reaching out for chemical-based products, resort to natural Ayurvedic remedies to take care of your skin this winter. “As per Ayurveda, winter is the time when the earth is in dakshinayana phase, which is a feminine phase of the universe and thus, the season of regeneration,” Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli said.

“By following Ayurvedic tips for glowing skin, wherein the formulations comprise of herbs, plants and natural essences, you can reap the advantage of the amazing benefits these ingredients have to offer time and again,” the expert explained, as she shared Ayurvedic skincare routine for the winter season.

*Soak 1 tbsp of sesame seeds for 2 hours. Grind finely, add milk and a pinch of turmeric. Make a paste. “This scrub cleanses and moisturises the skin,” she said.

*Bath with warm water. Avoid very hot water as it increases dryness.

*Take a spoon of sesame oil, add a teaspoon of coarse gram flour and apply. This scrub exfoliates skin effectively in winters without making it dry.

*An oil massage (abhyanga) before bath keeps skin healthy and smooth.

*Avoid harsh, chemical soaps.

*Herbs like shatavari, yashimadhu, anantamool, nagarmotha, amla, aloe vera can be mixed with milk to make a face pack. Apply once a week to keep the skin soft.

*Start your day with a simple yoga practice and meditation. “Winter is no excuse to be lazy or sedentary,” she said.


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