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These five habits may be causing acne breakouts; here’s what to do.

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Acne breakouts can happen years after you cross your teenage. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t limited to puberty. “Acne breakouts can also occur in adults and leave pesky spots on the skin. But, note that the messy and painful acne breakout doesn’t happen simply due to hormonal imbalance.

There are five surprising habits that can cause acne breakouts.

1. Switching skincare frequently

Be very careful when choosing your skincare essentials as using too many products can also lead to acne breakouts. Frequently switching products can also add to the problem, as there may be specific products that are not suitable for your skin type. It might lead to skin irritations, itchiness and redness, thus resulting in acne breakouts. Kindly note that even using too many anti-acne products, creams and solutions can lead to acne breakouts.

It is best to use a decided set of skincare products and not change them too often. Try to use a gentle and organic range of skincare essentials. These are free from any preservatives or chemicals that may cause side-effects.

2. Having too much of processed food

Having a lot of refined carbs and processed food is not suitable for the skin. It causes insulin levels to increase and even mess up the metabolism. This gives a perfect environment for an outburst of acne and pimples. A balanced diet focused on green vegetables, and nutrient-dense food is vital to maintain healthy skin. Having an excess of chips, chocolates, carbs, snacks, and junk food might be the reason behind your persistent acne.

Follow a strict balanced diet with a lot of green vegetables and fruits and drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Keep processed food and refined carbs to a minimum to save your skin from constant breakouts. Having a lot of water-based fruits and veggies such as watermelon, cucumber etc. is also great for the skin.

3. The hair products you use

Many people don't think about how their hair products can cause acne, but think about how often your hair touches your face. And remember that unless you are washing your hair every night before bed, all that product is transferring onto your pillow.

Hair products with oil, silicones, and plasticizers will clog your pores if they get onto your skin, so if you want to wear your hair down (or have fringe touching your forehead), try to steer clear of products with those ingredients.

4. Wearing the wrong clothes

The fibers in your closet could be the culprit for body acne. Fabrics like polyester and lycra can trap dead skin cells and sweat against your body. We lose one million skin cells every 40 minutes, says King, and when we wear super-tight clothes, those cells don't really have anywhere to go.

The solution: Choose clothes with natural fibers (think cotton and bamboo) that breathe so your skin doesn't suffocate.

5. Tanning

We've all heard that the sun dries out your skin and UV rays have an antibacterial element. But baking in the sun is not a sufficient way to clear up acne. And remember, over-drying your skin will cause it to produce more oil, not less.

Also, tanning causes your skin to increase cell production (which means more dead skin cells — the thing we are trying to avoid). So while you might get a bit clearer at first, tanning will end up giving you more breakouts — not to mention an increased risk of cancer and extra batch of wrinkles when you're older.


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