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Sunny Leone opens up on being bullied as a child: 'It carried through my life'.

Sunny Leone has talked about how she used to get bullied at her school as a child for the way she looked. She says the experience has affected her throughout her life.

Actor Sunny Leone has talked about her troubled childhood and how she had to suffer bullying while growing up in Canada. Sunny says the children at her school would tease her for how she looked.

Sunny was born Karenjit Kaur to Sikh parents in Canada. She and grew up there with her brother and also lived in United States during her teenage years.

Speaking about her experience, she said in an interview to The Times of India, "I wasn't bullied to the degree that I think some people are there was some bullying, I was a light-skinned Indian girl with black, dark hair on her arms and legs and Ace and very awkward looking not very dressed well. So yeah, there was some bullying, it's not fun."


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