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Strongly object to violence and abuses in OTT series: Neelesh Misra.

Prominent radio personality Neelesh Misra on Saturday expressed strong reservations about the violent and abusive content on OTT platforms. Speaking on the sidelines of the Indore Literature Festival, Misra said that he strongly advocates for freedom of expression but people must also realise that these rights come with certain responsibilities.

“I cannot be specific on a particular web series but I strongly object to violence and abuses hurled in them. As a viewer of OTT content, I get scared of the violent scenes. I have to stop the programme immediately the moment my five-year-old daughter comes into the room as I fear that any of the characters might use an offending word,” he told reporters at the local press club.

“These web series producers are doing so due to the freedom of expression in the country. I am a staunch votary of freedom of expression, which comes with a lot of responsibilities,” he added.


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