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Signs of testicular cancer that you can find out with a simple at-home self-exam.

Men’s health is often not discussed. This is the reason why there is a bank of misinformation out there that prevents them from going for their routine health checkups. It is pertinent that one goes to the doctor from time-to-time to find out if everything is all right in the body, and to take preventive measures if necessary.

Testicular cancer — also known as cancer in the testicles which is located in the scrotum — can occur at any age, but is most common in the age group of 15 to 35 year-olds, says Dr Tanaya, aka Dr Cuterus, in an Instagram post.

She mentions that the symptoms include:

1. Pain or swelling in the testes.

2. A lump in the testes.

3. Pain in the lower tummy or backache.

4. Increase in breast size in men.

Although it is rare and treatable, it is necessary to do self-exams for testicular cancer, says the doctor, adding “very few men with testicular cancer report having pain at first”.

How to do a self-exam?

Dr Tanaya states that in order to check if you are healthy, do a self-examination,

– Ideally after a shower so the scrotum or the ball-sack is relaxed. – Do it at least once every month.

“Touch and feel the scrotum for size, shape and texture. Check for any lumps, bumps, swelling or pain. It is fairly rare and treatable. With early diagnosis, testicular cancer can be cured. With treatment, the risk of death from this cancer is small,” the doctor mentions.

If you find anything abnormal, check with your doctor at the earliest.


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