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Shivani Jadhav Featuring Song Kasoor Trending Among Love Birds

Music is the common language of the whole world. It’s the language we all love, and in our lives, it plays a crucial role. Today we see lots of budding musicians and artists who are making their debut and are excellent in their knowledge of music. From their level of perception, they are making a huge difference, as they are young full of energy and ideas. Here we have bought exclusively for you one such extraordinary song composed and sung by singer Mohsin Akhter, Shivani Jadhav starring video song is released under the label of Eros Now Music on their official YouTube channel. 

The song is all about extremely loving beautiful girl Shivani Jadhav and is beautifully pictured with natural beauty all around. It shows the little heart of a schoolboy completely drenched in love with a gorgeous-looking girl of his own age. The beautiful surrounding makes plead of the song more appealing and enchanting for the viewers. Shivani Jhadav is one of the most attractive-looking personalities who are also titleholder who was crowned Femina Miss Grand India 2019 at the grand finale of Femina Miss India 2019. 

The whole song is based on the love of a young boy for a girl of his dreams, which is played a role by Shivani Jhadav. The boy is expressing his feeling deep within his heart for a beautiful girl. It has become very popular among the young generation who can relate themselves with the situation, the song is based on. Hence, is the main reason for the popularity and craze of the song. The music and the pasteurization of the song are also captivating, and the feeling is clearly expressed using the lyrics of the song. The song has been appreciated by many including Ravish Kumar and many more.

Shivani Jhadav is a charming and delightful young Indian model and a beauty pageant and has represented India at Miss Grand International 2019 that was held in Venezuela on the 25th of October 2019. Well so much for a young budding artist in her basket. The stunning young lady wined the hearts of people of all ages with her grace and stunning beauty. She said in one of her interviews that she always wanted to represent India on an international platform, and she did in the best way possible, anybody could. She worked a lot for the unprivileged children, which according to her should get the priority for education and wellbeing. 

With the able guidance of the host of expert mentors, Shivani prepared for the finals of Miss Universe to represent India on the International Platform with the best of her efforts. Shivani was thrilled to get the golden chance to work for the cause which she always wanted to. The main motto of Miss Grand International’s and mission was to stop the war and violence. With full dedication and hard work, Shivani did her best to spread that message of happiness across the globe, where ever she went. 

The young Shivani Jhadav is like any ordinary girl has done here college from MIT College of Chattisgarh, and by profession is a Software Developer. But this ordinary girl with extraordinary beauty and mind conquered the best awards and also represented India internationally with pride. Shivani Jadhav was born on 1st November 1999 and besides being a successful model she is also a trained dancer. She is an excellent person by heart, simple yet elegant, and always having a beautiful smile on her face.

She was volunteering full-time with the organization where they had night crèche that had children of mothers, who were being exploited sexually and also were victims of human trafficking. It’s true when sometimes we say to stop way, not always it is meant for boarders. But in true since it’s the fight against all those injustices happening around us. Shivani is not only an aspiring young beauty queen but also same goes for her for being a student. We all have respect and love for our teachers. And so on Teachers day to make your mentor feel special our beauty queen, Shivani left no stone unturned to express the message she has for the teachers who contributed to her life during her school days. 

Shivani Jhadhav even felt happy greeting her teacher who taught her Kathak dance art. She believes that her teacher made her value discipline and be expressive. A lot of things not only our beauty queen but even any normal human keeps learning throughout the journey of their life. it takes a lot of experience after which we reach the position where we get our wings for passion and it’s time to take off to greater lives from there. Besides being one of the most beautiful women Shivani Jhadhav also is an excellent human being. She is humble and passionate and always looking for an opportunity for becoming a better human being. 


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