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Risk of heart attack seen in patients recovering from corona

In a research conducted at Oxford University of London, London, it has been claimed that patients recovering from corona infection are more likely to die from heart attack.

According to the researchers, even after the patients who recover from corona, there have been many cases in which people are dying. He said that often in the treatment of corona, doctors or health experts are involved in treating the lungs of the patient because the most risk in corona is the lungs, which reduces the oxygen of the patient and their death due to lack of oxygen. It works with the oxygen level corrected, the patient is believed to be healthy.

But the problem is still after that, when these cases increased, it was found in the research that there were more cases of lungs worsening and deaths due to heart attacks. Blood clot and many heart related problems have been seen only in patients who have been cured after treatment with corona.

Don't ignore

Heart attack is a problem that is difficult to identify in the beginning, most people do not know that they are having a heart problem and when it is detected it is too late.

Initially, people have fatigue, weakness, swelling in the legs and joints, difficulty in exercising, pounding, feeling difficulty in breathing, frequent cough, rapid weight gain, loss of appetite, and excessive urination. We have to come, but we ignore these problems, which cannot be cured in time, and later it increases considerably.

If you have had corona before and still have these problems, then do not delay or negligence of any kind, consult your doctor immediately.



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