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Rakhi Sawant has asked her husband to ‘introduce himself to everyone’.

Rakhi Sawant’s marriage continues to be a mystery for those who have seen her rising from a dancer in special dance numbers to participating in Bigg Boss 14 as a challenger. The singer-dancer has said that she will tell all about her husband Ritesh on the show and have even warned him that he will have to come out in public now.

Rakhi said that she is aware of her fans’ eagerness to know about her husband. She had tied the knot with Ritesh around two years ago but there was hardly any proof other than her regular pictures and videos on Instagram which have shown her dressed as a bride and with sindoor.

She told Times of India in an interview, “I know it’s high time and people, especially my fans, want to see him. They have been demanding it since I got married and as I am entering the Bigg Boss house, I want him to introduce himself to everyone. In fact, maine usse dhamki bhi di hai, ki ab usse sabke saamne aana hi hoga. What if Salman Sir asks to meet my husband?”


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