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PM Modi’s message to BJP MPs skipping Parliament: ‘If you don’t change there will be changes’.

Taking a strong exception to the “absence of many (BJP) MPs inside the House”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday warned his party leaders of “changes” beyond their control if they continue to skip Parliamentary proceedings.

The Prime Minister made the remarks while addressing his party MPs for the first time this winter session. “He (PM Modi) reminded us that he has told us several times about the regular attendance. He said it doesn’t look nice to talk to the MPs as if they are children. Then he said if we don’t change ourselves there will be changes in due course.”

PM Modi, on several occasions in the past, had emphasised on the regular attendance of his party MPs in Parliament.

“While some of us take it as a warning that party would factor in the attendance in Parliament while deciding our future,” the MP added.

Before PM Modi’s address, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi has briefed the meeting about proceedings in the last week and mentioned that the attendance had been an issue sometimes. According to sources, Joshi said at least twice, the MPs had to be summoned as there was a lack of quorum in the House.

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