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Netflix plans in India get price cut; now start at Rs 149: Here are the details.

Netflix has announced new and reduced prices for plans in India, with the mobile-only plan now starting at Rs 149 per month, instead of the earlier Rs 199 per month. The new plans will be applicable for all customers. The move is likely part of Netflix’s attempts to woo more subscribers in the country given it remains the most expensive streaming service in the country.

Under the new price scheme, the Netflix Basic plan will now cost Rs 199 per month; the plan used to cost Rs 499 per month earlier so this is quite the drop in price. The standard Netflix plan will cost Rs 499 per month now, instead of Rs 649 as the earlier price. Finally, the most expensive Netflix plan, which is the premium plan will now cost Rs 649 per month. This plan used to cost Rs 799 per month earlier. Here are the other details to keep in mind about the new plans.



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