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Kirti Kulhari says she is not made for marriage: ‘I don’t think I will get into it again’

Kirti Kulhari says she is not sure if she will get married again. The actor, who announced her separation from Saahil Sehgal this year, explained that even if she doesn’t want to get married, she isn’t averse to the idea of falling in love.

In an interview to SpotBoye, asked if she plans to get married in the future, she said, “I don’t think so, but I am also somebody who believes in never say never. If you ask me if I will be in a relationship ever again, of course I would be. That part is very clear, as I have the clarity that I don’t need to be married to be with someone. So, mostly I don’t think I will ever get into it again. I have understood that I am not someone who is probably made for marriage.”


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