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Khiladi teaser: Ravi Teja promises a total fan pleaser.

Telugu star Ravi Teja on Tuesday shared a glimpse of his upcoming film Khiladi on the occasion of his 53rd birthday. The teaser is nothing but a live-action version of a motion poster. All we get is 30-plus seconds of Ravi Teja walking in slow-motion through a cloud of smoke as a breeze gently ruffles his hair.

And if this glimpse is anything to go by, the only significant element of Khiladi seems to be Ravi Teja. It looks like director Ramesh Varma Penmetsa doesn’t have something exciting and refreshing to offer in terms of story, setting and narration. Khiladi seems like a typical Ravi Teja film with over-the-top action sequences that usually plays out after noisy punch lines coupled with nonsensical storyline. A total fan pleaser.


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