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Kareena Kapoor on being mother to Taimur, Jeh: ‘My sons are a symbol of my love’.

Kareena Kapoor is all set to release the secrets of her pregnancy and all that she has learnt through her experience of motherhood through her two sons – Taimur and Jeh, in her new book titled Pregnancy Bible. The introduction of the book, written by Kareena, has been released and it talks about the actor trying to balance it all – her work commitments, motherhood and thanking all the help she gets from her own mother, Babita, and her domestic staff.

The excerpt hints at the time when Kareena fainted at a photo shoot due to exhaustion and busts the myth around the glamour of a celebrity pregnancy.

In the Introduction by Kareena Kapoor from her Pregnancy Bible, the actor writes, “People think a celebrity pregnancy is super glamorous. And I did try and make it look like that when I was out and about! But I didn’t feel that glamorous – who does when they are pregnant? I gained a lot of weight, got pregnancy spots and was ready to sleep by five every evening! Sounds familiar? In this book, I have been totally honest about everything I went through, from my crazy eating to fainting on a photo shoot out of exhaustion. I hope it will make you smile and comfort you too.”


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