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Kangana Ranaut poses for ‘typical’ photos in Hungary: ‘Decided to play a Bolly bimbo today’.

Before beginning the next schedule of Dhaakad, Kangana Ranaut is enjoying exploring Hungary, and her latest photos are a proof she is making the most of her trip. Kangana on Monday posted a couple of photos of herself dressed in a floral short dress, out in the streets.

“Bought these flowers to get my insta game right …. Might be a fatal blow on my self respect but my vanity is gloating… wah!!” Kangana captioned one of the photos where she is seen holding a bouquet of flowers.

She posted another photo, where she can be seen playing with the bouquet. Kangana described herself in the picture as a “Bollywood bimbo”. “Decided to play a Bolly Bimbo today and shoot typical insta style pics for my highly intelligent insta family,” read her caption alongside the photo. Kangana will soon start shooting in Budapest. Kangana will join Arjun Rampal, who is already in Budapest. Arjun has been spending time with his son and Gabriella Demetriades.


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