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If we’re not heard, then we will definitely go to Delhi, says Pilot loyalist Rajasthan MLA.

A legislator from Rajasthan who is among the MLAs considered loyal to former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot said on Wednesday that if the issues raised by them are not addressed, then they will once again go to Delhi for a solution from the Congress high command.

Last year, Rajasthan had witnessed a political crisis after Pilot had taken off with 18 of his loyalist MLAs and camped in Delhi and Manesar in Haryana for over a month.

“If it doesn’t rain soon, what can the farmer do? He can hope. We have already committed suicide, it’s nothing new. It is our right to go to Manesar or Delhi and I am saying this once again that if we are not heard here then we will definitely go to Delhi. If communicating our stand to the high command is suicide, then such suicides will time and again take place,” Chaksu MLA Ved Prakash Solanki told reporters on Wednesday.


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