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I don’t sing songs I don’t feel connected to: Papon

2020 has changed many lives in good and bad ways- from lockdown to staycations from loss of job to work from home. But singer Papon is confused about “what is going on with the virus”. He says, “The pandemic has shaken us, pushed us to rethink about life and reduce our pace of life. Everyone dealing with financial crisis will have to improvise, rethink in a good way and stay positive. We will have to learn to fine tune our lives.”

Papon is enjoying doing household chores which he “missed” and experiencing the village life with his kids. “I want my kids to know nature up close so we have been fishing, gardening, and going on walks,” says the singer who has been in a Goan village, since three weeks and plans to stay there for the next three months.

“I think there is a shift happening in the universe and there are many predictions about the future. It’s been weird. What I am focused on is stuff around me, so I feel good and make good music, that will radiate good energy and have a ripple effect. To each his own, just do good and feel good,” he philosophises.


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