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Free Guy review: Ryan Reynolds film is so much more than a gaming film.

Free Guy movie director: Shawn Levy Free Guy movie cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Taika Waititi, Utkarsh Ambudkar Free Guy movie rating: 3.5 stars

This could have been just a film about a video game in which people are shot, blasted, run over, or struck every second. Well, it is that. However, thanks to its star cast, and the wonderful ease and ability of Reynolds to have a laugh or two at his expense, Free Guy is also so much more. Shawn Levy (Stranger Things) also keeps the film lucid and rolling even for those without itchy keyboard fingers. And that’s no mean achievement given the number of people outside and their avatars within a video game intersecting closely with each other, all the talk about code-writing and ‘game-build’ and stolen rights, and the battery of neon instructions on screen at long lengths, not to mention the action happening all around them.


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