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Five Indian foods to cure your gut problems.

Your gut health is linked to your overall health, which is why doctors always advise you to include gut-friendly foods in your diet. It can also help strengthen your immunity. While occasional consumption of junk food like pizzas and burgers is all right, it should not become habitual.

According to Dr Rohini Patil, nutritionist and author of The Lifestyle Diet, it’s important to know how gut health affects your overall well-being.

“Give your gut the proper care and nourishment it needs. How does one know if their gut is healthy or unhealthy? There are some signs that your gut health is in need of better nourishment and care,” she says.

* Fatigue, vomiting, constipation, gas or irregular bowel movement. * Having an upset stomach, bloating. * Involuntary weight loss or weight gain. * Skin problems caused by an unhealthy diet. * Lack of sleep or being tired.

It is a known fact that foods that are probiotic in nature are necessary for a healthy gut. “Probiotics help in not only improving the gut but also maintaining it. Yogurt, kimchi, and miso are some of the foods that are probiotic in nature. But, these foods are not easily available to everyone in India. Luckily, Indian cuisine has some dishes that are probiotic and are easily available to everyone,” says Dr Patil.

1. Rasam: The ingredients that are found in rasam like dal, tamarind, herbs and spices are filled with vitamins A, C, magnesium, iron and calcium which are great for your digestive system. Rasam also contains fibers that aid in bowel transit and make it easier for you to pass your stool.

2. Kadhi: Besan kadhi, also known as kadhi, is full of magnesium and fiber which is essential for good gut health. It is also a household remedy for period cramps, constipation and weight loss.

3. Methi sabzi: Fenugreek is a must; it aids in weight loss, helps with constipation and other gut-related problems. The fiber in methi takes a long time to break down giving our gut plenty of time to absorb the nutrients.

4. Karele ki sabzi: If cooked properly, karele ki sabzi is a delicious dish filled with fiber and nutrients that work like magic for constipation, indigestion. It is a great immunity booster.

5. Dhokla: You will have better bowel movements, and your energy levels will improve, too. In addition, dhokla helps balance the gut bacteria. The texture and taste of dhokla makes it easier for older people and children to consume it.

In addition to this, exercise, yoga, and staying hydrated can play important roles in gut health, the doctor concludes.


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