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Divya Agarwal Bigg Boss OTT journey: About experience, smartness but no real bonds.

At the premiere night, Divya Agarwal mentioned she doesn’t ‘need Bigg Boss’, which irked host Karan Johar, and many in the audience. However, in the last six weeks, Divya has shown her passion and determination to win the show. With just a day remaining to see who emerges as the winner of Bigg Boss OTT, here’s looking at Divya’s strengths and weaknesses.

Divya Agarwal’s strengths Experience: Having won Ace of Space, another captive reality show, Divya came on BB OTT armed with experience. She knew what could help create content and what the audience would like to watch. Be it putting her best foot forward during tasks and dressing up well, to her fights and even taking charge of the kitchen, she aced most of her moves. In the initial weeks, she even became the agony aunt giving advice to her co-contestants. Her confidence has brought her this far, and we will see what the audience has decided for her in the finale episode tomorrow.

Solo game: Divya entered the show without a connection, however, in just a few weeks, Zeeshan Khan picked her up, dumping his own connection (Urfi Javed). While the actor was happy to have a partner, Zeeshan was ousted from the show, leaving her alone once again. In a game with the theme of connection, anyone would have been jittery to play solo but this girl rocked it and how. She survived every task and even eviction and today is one of the strongest contenders in the show.

Courageous: The former Splitsvilla contestant has participated in many reality shows and knows that this is not the end of the world. On the show, Divya has shown the courage to stand up for herself every time she felt injustice happening. She did not even let host Karan Johar pass judgement and stuck to her beliefs. Even in the house, Divya has had no friend but that never made her weak in the game.

Divya Agarwal’s weaknesses

Lack of friendship: While her solo game is her strength, it also shows her weakness as Divya never managed to make a true friend in the house. Although she has been cordial with most in the house, throughout the course of six weeks, she could not develop a strong bond with anyone. Was it a strategy or she is not good at making bonds or trusting others, well, we will never know.

Overconfidence: Having faith in yourself is a quality but when that becomes overconfidence, it could do more harm. Divya’s opening remark of not needing Bigg Boss left a sour taste. In the initial days, she also seemed to throw her weight around, citing her experience, which somewhere never helped others bond with her.


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